More than ever before, people are talking about inflammation. Decreasing inflammation in the body can help you to alleviate existing medical conditions and preventatively help to boost your immune system. While some pharmaceuticals can help to alleviate inflammation, why not do so naturally? Decrease inflammation naturally with these 5 foods.

1.) Spinach

It’s time to take Popeye’s advice, and actually, start eating more spinach. Spinach contains high doses of fiber, Vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, spinach is a natural anti-inflammatory, truly making it a superfood! Whether you’re a serious athlete or just looking to create a healthier routine, spinach is a food everyone should be eating.

Don’t like spinach? There are so many ways to eat it! You can sauté and steam spinach, or even put it into delicious morning smoothies.

2.) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are delicious, can be easily integrated into many recipes —all while decreasing inflammation naturally. Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, which is known to reduce inflammation dramatically.

There are various types of tomatoes, all of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Try heirloom tomatoes on top of a salad, green tomatoes in your chili recipe, or even cherry tomatoes as a mid-day snack.

3.) Mushrooms

Not only are mushrooms delicious, but they’re good for you! All varieties of mushrooms contain lectins and phenols, both of which act as a natural anti-inflammatory. Mushrooms have a rich history, having been used to flavor and create beautiful meals, but also for its health benefits.

Cooking mushrooms can decrease their anti-inflammatory abilities. If you don’t like raw mushrooms, try putting some savory portabellas on the grill, or sprinkling some oyster mushrooms on a homemade pizza; these mushroom cooking methods will still allow for decreased inflammation.

4.) Blueberries

Blueberries contain numerous nutrients that are beneficial to your health. More specifically, the potassium and Vitamin C in blueberries give them their anti-inflammatory abilities. In addition to decreasing inflammation naturally, blueberries are also a powerful immune-boosting antioxidant!

Blueberries make a great snack, can be a vital ingredient in summer-salads, and make a great addition to your post-workout shake. One of the best parts of blueberries is that they are also very kid friendly.

5.) CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has a host of benefits that can improve your quality of life and overall health regimen. Using the endocannabinoid system, CBD targets inflammation throughout the body, preventing the immune system’s inflammatory response. There are many studies showing CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential involved conditions like diabetes, organ complications, fibrosis, and even gastric conditions. CBD can naturally relieve inflammation while also helping you were a number of other medical conditions you may experience.

CBD can be consumed or applied topically; both delivery methods decrease inflammation, reducing any pain associated with injuries, medical conditions, or wear-and-tear.

Decrease Inflammation Naturally With These 5 Foods
Integrating spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, blueberries, and CBD into your diet will help you to decrease inflammation naturally. These 5 delicious foods cannot only positively impact your health, but can integrate into many of your family’s favorite recipes.

Do you have a favorite on the list? Any ideas on how you can combine all of these anti-inflammatory foods into a single meal? Tell us about it in the comments!


Few people know more about hemp than that it is related to cannabis. The fact is, hemp is one of the most sustainable and clean crops that can be grown. This is how hemp could save the world.

Hemp Decontaminates Unsafe Soil

Throughout history, hemp has been used to decontaminate soil that contains unsafe chemicals, toxins, and pollutants.

In the 1980’s, chemists at the Chernobyl nuclear waste site planted thousands of hemp plants around the site. Known to pull harmful chemicals from the soil, and thereby cleaning it, hemp became a key player in the cleanup following this disaster.

Research continues to show hemp’s potential as a soil decontaminate, which could prove to be useful as the world experiences natural disasters and the need for advances in agricultural areas.

Uses For the Whole Hemp Plant

Whereas there are many crops that can only be eaten, or used in one industry, the whole hemp plant can be used in a variety of industries; think of hemp as the multi-purpose plant! Here are a few ways that the hemp plant can be used:

1.) Hemp Biofuel

The hemp plant can be used to create two types of fuel; Hemp biodiesel comes from pressing hemp seeds and hemp ethanol comes from fermented hemp stalks. In a global oil market that is relatively unsteady, hemp could be the sustainable answer we’ve been searching for as a country.

2.) Hemp Textiles

The textile industry is a constant and ever-present market. The hemp stalk can be used to create industrial canvas, clothing, and paper.

Creating textiles and products from hemp is far more sustainable than using cotton. In fact, 1 acre of hemp can produce as much fiber as 2 or 3 acres of cotton. In addition, rather than tree farming, hemp is a more sustainable option for creating paper products.

3.) Hemp & Housing

Hemp is naturally an incredibly strong and fibrous crop. Now more than ever, hemp is being used in construction. Known as “hempcrete,” building blocks made of hemp act as insulators, regulate moisture, and are very light-weight. The use of hemp on construction sites, or even in water-logged areas could completely revolutionize how and where we build sustainable and strong structures.

4.) Health & Beauty With Hemp

Infinite CBD products, and the pure CBD isolate in each one of them, is derived from the wonderous hemp plant.

CBD from hemp has been found to reduce inflammation, act as a neuroprotective antioxidant, have mood-boosting properties, and even reinvigorate your skin. These are just a handful of the things that CBD has been found to do. With so many uses for CBD, it is clear that you can trust your health and beauty with hemp.

Hemp Can Save The World

Hemp can produce and provide us with so many amazing and sustainable products. In addition, it can help us to clean our soil, which is in peril due to climate change and many less than clean industries. With so many uses, it is clear that hemp can save the world.

What are some of your favorite hemp products? Tell us in the comments!