If you’re a country music fan or if you’re a cannabis advocate, you may be familiar with Willie Nelson and the work he does as a singer and activist. Willie Nelson is not only a famous country singer and songwriter, but he has also been an outspoken cannabis advocate for years. In the past Willie came out with his own brand of cannabis products called Willie’s Reserve. However, recently, he launched a new line of CBD-infused coffee under the name, Willie’s Remedy.

Reasons for CBD Presence in Willie’s Remedy CBD-infused Coffee

The cannabis plant is both medically and therapeutically beneficial. It contains several cannabinoids that possess their own medicinal properties and benefits that serve a meaningful purpose. In particular, CBD is used in different products because of its strong medicinal value. As time goes on, CBD is becoming more well-known and acceptable to use for medicinal reasons.

Additionally, numerous studies have been released over the years that demonstrate CBD’s positive benefits and effects. In general, numerous studies and clinical trials demonstrate CBD’s variety of medicinal properties in treating different medical conditions and diseases. Slowly but surely, CBD is gaining attention in the mainstream medical community as a potential treatment method for various health issues. Some of these health issues include epilepsy, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

Due to CBD’s medical profile and the benefits it can provide users with, Willie Nelson decided to add CBD into his CBD-infused coffee products. Also, due to Cannabidiol’s lack of psycho-active effects, Willie Nelson believed that this was the right addition into his line of CBD-infused coffee.

Details about Willie’s Remedy CBD-infused Coffee Line

Moreover, although Willie Nelson has been involved in the cannabis industry for years, his new CBD-infused coffee line is unlike his other ventures. This new line of CBD-infused coffee is the first release of Willie’s Remedy products, which will all possess hemp-derived CBD. All the coffee products will contain five milligrams of CBD in each eight-ounce cup of coffee. The Cannabidiol that’s used in these products is sourced from organically grown U.S. hemp; the coffee beans are organic as well.

Overall, the CBD-infused coffee products contain whole beans brewed in small patches. They’re then infused with full spectrum organic American hemp-derived CBD oil. This September, Willie’s Remedy will debut their CBD-infused coffee in Colorado. The following was stated by the owner himself about his new line, “It’s two of my favorites together in the perfect combination. Like coffee, cannabis is a plant that works for me.”

If you live in Colorado, expect to see Willie’s Remedy CBD-infused coffee line at dispensaries this September. With time, these products will be distributed to other U.S. states, especially ones that allow individuals to legally purchase and consume CBD. Would you be willing to try CBD-infused coffee rather than your usual, traditional cup of java? Once Willie’s Remedy CBD-infused coffee comes out, you be the judge.

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