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Xhale City posted a second video to its Facebook web page on Sunday exhibiting the shopper had returned, nonetheless in his black MAGA hat. He said he harbored no ill will towards the business and would continue to shop there. The original video was posted on Ian Furgeson’s Facebook page, after which was reposted to Youtube by the Cilantro account and others. Furgeson eventually left empty-handed and posted the video to Facebook, which went viral.
Avape shop clerk has been fired after a 4-minute long video of the clerk ranting and swearing at a Trump supporter went viral. Ian Furgeson, 36, filmed himself strolling into the Xhale City in Tucker, Georgia on Dec. 28 to purchase some vape objects. The employee then requested him to depart after he entered the store, due to the truth that he was sporting a MAGA hat and Trump t-shirt.

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You know how a lot enterprise they’re shedding as a result of lack of advertising on top of his stunt? A Facebook page for Xhale City appeared to verify the firing earlier than the page was deleted altogether, based on the Daily Mail. Furgeson continues to try to get the clerk to sell him the objects that he came to the shop to purchase.

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Opened in 2014, the shop is the largest smoke and vape supply shop in the southeast, according to the shop’s website, and has 17 completely different areas. While asserting the worker’s termination, Xhale City mentioned that the corporate values its clients and treats them with respect and dignity no matter their political views. However, Ferguson’s taunting reignited the employee’s fury and the screaming match that occurred in the retailer in entrance of another buyer. A Facebook page for Xhale City appeared to verify the firing earlier than the web page was deleted altogether, in accordance with News Flare. ‘This place will lose a lot of enterprise now that this is video is viral n i hope he gets fired!
The worker’s termination came after a confrontation with a buyer was filmed and posted on social media. In a video posted on several social media channels, the shopper, identified by WAGA as Ian Ferguson, stated that the worker greeted him after which informed him to go away the store. A Mitt Romney supporter wears a “Make America Great Again” hat on the Romney election celebration in Orem, Utah, on June 26. On Friday, an worker at a vape store in Georgia was fired over an altercation with a Trump supporter.
Furgeson filmed the encounter, which shows the employee cursing and demanding that he go away the store. Xhale City, a smoke and vape store in Tucker, Georgia, about 20 miles from Atlanta, announced on Facebook that an employee was instantly terminated after moving into an altercation with a buyer.

That day, YouTuber Cilantro reuploaded the video titled “Xhale City Vape Shop employee has epic meltdown over Trump Shirt,” which gained over 673,000 views and 5,300 comments within 72 hours. It was like watching a physical embodiment of social media.
An expletive-laden shouting match erupted on the Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, Georgia, between an employee and a customer wearing a “MAGA” hat and Trump sweatshirt. Customer Ian Furgeson claims the employee requested him to leave after seeing his Trump-supporting clothing.

Dude #xhalecity should sue that X-employee on top of firing him. They had to shut down all their social media because of what he did.
Vape shop clerk in Atlanta has epic meltdown and assaults primarily based Chad Trump supporter who trolls him mercilessly – calls him the “N word” in front of a Black American. Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a customer.
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In the now-viral video (with specific language), the shopper is asking an exasperated clerk about buying vape juice for his spouse’s e-cigarette – to which the worker tells him to stop recording and to depart the store. In the video, the clerk can be heard calling President Donald Trump treasonous and racist. The employee also is captured screaming expletives at the buyer. Xhale City, in Tucker, Georgia, stated it has fired an employee after a buyer was denied service as a result of his pro-Trump gear. The buyer recorded a video of the incident and shared it to YouTube.
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He later went on to say that someone at the company reached out to apologize and assured him the worker had been fired. Video posted to YouTube by Fergeson reveals an employee on the Xhale City taking offense with Ferguson’s MAGA gear.
The employee, still screaming, then appeared to name his supervisor and complained about Mr. Furgeson’s “racist” Trump gear. In the coming days, the shop’s Yelp[2] page was flooded with adverse evaluations, receiving a score of 2.5 stars. Additionally, photos of Donald Trump and numerous memes referencing the incident had been uploaded to the Xhale City Yelp picture gallery.
His personal opinion does not give him the right to behave this method to a customer,’ another added. The video sparked outrage amongst Trump supporters, but some say that the clerk was justified to ask Furgeson to go away. The two go head to head, Furgeson ranting on about how he isn’t racist and how he needs to buy a vape juice for his wife, talking over the worker’s plea for him to depart. Furgeson, sporting a MAGA hat and Trump shirt, then whipped out his cellphone and commenced to goad the store clerk. The clerk told the man he wouldn’t serve anyone who helps the president, calling Trump treasonous and racist and punctuating his remarks with a string of expletives.
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  • Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a buyer.
  • Fergeson says since posting the video online he’s been immediately contacted by the house owners of Xhale City, who apologized for the best way he was handled and assured him the clerk has been fired.
  • Ian Furgeson, 36, filmed himself walking into the Xhale City in Tucker, Georgia on Dec. 28 to buy some vape items.
  • The two go head to head, Furgeson ranting on about how he isn’t racist and the way he desires to buy a vape juice for his spouse, talking over the worker’s plea for him to go away.
  • Mr. Vape Shop Email List advised a local Fox affiliate that Xhale City’s corporate workplace has since reached out to him to apologize.

Drop the #boycott of #xhalecity The proprietor fireplace the clerk and got hold of the guy to apologize, there’s one other video of the man with the owner. I am wondering if #XhaleCity will shut down all the shops and supply sensitivity training for workers. The clerk initially asked the person politely to go away the store, however once Furgeson continued to record the encounter, the person rapidly escalated the confrontation and started screaming at Furgeson to depart. In the video, the clerk screams that President Trump is a treasonous racist, and refuses to sell Fergeson the objects he is on the lookout for. Mr. Furgeson defended himself as not being racist to another buyer within the retailer, who was black.
Ian Furgeson, 36, walked into Xhale City in Tucker on Friday to purchase some objects however quickly bumped heads with the store worker who requested him to go away simply minutes after he entered the shop. The man posted a video of his experience with an irate employee at Xhale City in Tucker to YouTube on Friday, and the video had quickly racked up virtually seven-hundred,000 views as of Monday afternoon.
Unfazed, Furgeson says he looks forward to releasing the video and continues to provoke the worker. A man walked into a metro Atlanta vape shop and was instantly requested to leave.

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The publish was addressed to “pals and prospects” and was posted on Friday. Xhale City’s Yelp web page was soon deluged with negative evaluations calling for the hot-tempered worker to be fired, and the corporate reacted swiftly. According to a Facebook post, they fired him “immediately” and apologized to Furgeson. The firm’s Facebook pages have since gone darkish, and only some suspicious parody accounts remain, however Furgeson has made his peace with Xhale City, if his newest video is anything to go by. Furgeson retains his cool, whereas a second buyer appears on in disbelief, probably wishing he had walked into any other vape retailer in the city.
“To our associates and customers, tonight we had an employee act improperly toward a customer. Xhale City does not tolerate this type of habits from its staff. Find the best CBD and vape shops in your local area.When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately,” the since-deleted publish said. “We’ve additionally spoken to the client and apologized. We worth our shoppers and deal with them with respect and dignity, no matter their political opinions,” the corporate added.
The store explained that an worker acted improperly towards a buyer, which isn’t tolerated by the corporate. Xhale City wrote on Facebook that once the worker was recognized, he was fired instantly, and an apology was issued to the shopper.


The content material creator “Cilantro” joined YouTube mainly a week earlier than posting anything. This video posted yesterday, and now a dubstep remix of it today, have been the only content created. Can Cannabis Help With Chronic Pain? telling link for closet racist merch “its ok to be white” is posted beneath the video.
“Just promote me the f–king product so I can go away.” He factors out the merchandise and the clerk grabs the merchandise and appears as though he is going to begin ringing it up, but begins to rant once more shortly after. I did find the merchandise Medusa Juice E-Liquid Review (14 Types Reviewed Including Their Nic Salt Series) that I wished and the following thing he mentioned was he’d like me to go away,” Furgeson said in the video. “Leave the shop,” the clerk shouts as Fergeson asks to buy some vape juice.
At How to Start a Vape Shop Online throughout their encounter, the clerk screamed expletives on the prime of his lungs, the video shows. Best Vape Shop in Manchester UK has an handle of “satire boulevard”. When you go to the actual web site for the store and click on their Twitter icon, it goes to a “web page not found”. And, if I’m being fair, there really weren’t any good people on this video. Except for the dude in camouflage minding his personal enterprise within the background.
The store reportedly fired the worker and issued apologies on Twitter and Facebook however later eliminated the posts. But for Ian Furgeson — the client who endured Friday’s rant — it was high time to return to Xhale City and record yet another clip. But in this one he pleaded with viewers to deal with the Tucker enterprise and its different employees proper.
Screeching and wailing and prioritizing his woke Twitter politics — in all their blazing, barely informed glory — over being a good human and good employee whereas at his workplace. Because a man was sporting some clothes he didn’t like.
A vape shop clerk has been fired after a 4-minute long video of the clerk ranting and swearing at Trump supporter Ian Furgeson went viral. In a subsequent video posted on Xhale City’s Facebook web page on Saturday, Ferguson was back within the retailer with workers from corporate. He said folks “swarmed” the store with criticism over what happened however stated employee, not the store, was accountable.
When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately. We value our clients and deal with them with respect and dignity, no matter their political opinions. Furgeson, who was carrying a “Trump 2020” shirt and a “Make America Great Again” hat, was allegedly asked to go away shortly after entering the shop. Instead, Furgeson began recording a video on his cellphone. The worker then informed Furgeson that if he didn’t cease recording and depart the premises, he would call the police.
According to Furgeson, Xhale City’s corporate workplace obtained in contact with him afterwards and informed him the employee was fired. Fergeson says since posting the video on-line he is been directly contacted by the house owners of Xhale City, who apologized for the way in which he was treated and guaranteed him the clerk has been fired. A clerk at a Tucker vape retailer has been fired after a heated confrontation with a Trump supporter inside the store.
Mr. Fergeson advised an area Fox affiliate that Xhale City’s company workplace has since reached out to him to apologize. In a press release posted to Facebook, Xhale City mentioned the employee in the video had been fired. Also on December twenty eighth, 2018, the Xhale City Facebook page posted an apology for the incident, revealing that the employee had been fired and that that they had reached out to the customer (proven under).
‘To our friends and customers, tonight we had an worker act improperly towards a buyer. When we identified the worker at fault, we fired him instantly,’ the since-deleted publish mentioned. Furgeson stated Xhale City’s corporate office got in contact with him afterwards and told him the worker was fired. Furgeson posted the video to Facebook with the caption ‘Trump derangement syndrome strikes once more’, the place it went viral racking up over 200,000 shares and 7.5million views. A Georgia vape shop worker launched an explosive rant in opposition to a Trump-supporting customer and refused to serve him in a surprising incident all caught on video.

In the video, the shopper requested an already exasperated clerk about buying some vape juice for his spouse’s e-cigarettes. The clerk refused, telling him to stop recording and depart the store.
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